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Stormwater Sump Box shown fitted Stormwater Sump Box less grate PL007 100mm Stormwater Sump Box less Grate PL009 90mm Stormwater Sump Box less Grate Stormwater Sump with grate PL008 100mm Stormwater Sump Box with Grate PL010 90mm Stormwater Sump Box with Grate
Sump boxes are made to suit either 100mm pipe or 90mm pipe

External:L280mmxW320mmxD140mm Internal: L220mmxW320mmxD55mm

Best practise drainage method is for the down pipe to drain into a sump box which is connected into the soakwell. This ensures water does not bank up back to the eaves and cause flooding and water damage.

These products can be purchased at leading plumbing supply stores throughout Western Australia. The stores are:

Tradelink, Reece, Galvins Plumbing Supplies, Parkwood Hardware

BCG Building Supplies, Beri Distrubutors, Samios Plumbing Supplies

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