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Soakwells are used to disperse the rainwater collected from gutters and downpipes from roofed and paved areas within the properties boundaries. Western Australian local authorities require househloders to confine water run-off within the property bounderies.

Plumbcrete makes soakwells in four sizes. The size of the well required will vary according to area of roof being drained, the soil type and local council requirements.

For typical Perth sandy soils and normal rainfall conditions the following formulae can be used to determine the soakwell capacities required: Impervious Area (m2) x 0.0125m = Capacity required m3.

The Plumbcrete well sizes are


Size 1

Size 2

Size 3

1. Diameter



(internal 800mm)


(internal 800mm)

2. Height




3. Weight




4. Capacity

180 ltrs

320 ltrs

495 ltrs

5. Approx surface area drained (1)

14 m2

26 m2

40 m2

(1) These areas are a guide only and it will depend on soil type, level of groundwater table or other factors. You should check with your local shire authority as to your blocks and house’s requirements.

Please note that well sizes 2, and 3 do not have louvred slots or drainage holes built in. Size 1 has holes along the side.

Each well size comes with either a standard lid or Traffic Lid. Covers with grates are also available see Access Covers.

Delivery Service

Plumbcrete is able to offer direct delivery of concrete products in the Perth Metropolitan area. An additional fee will apply. The cost will depend on whether a Hiab service is required to unload the delivery.

Customers should allow two or three days notice in order to ensure timely delivery of products.


Disclaimer: This information is provided in good faith and Plumbcrete accepts no responsibility for how this information is used. Householders are urged to seek appropriate advice from their local authority.

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