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Custom-made Concrete Products

Plumbcrete has developed the expertise to make a diverse range of products to customers’ specifications. Projects are varied and diverse in many different sizes. These include anchor blocks, pump station covers, electrical cable pits, drainage pits, counter weight blocks, and concrete blocks for footings and steps. We also make bases for satellite dishes, antenna’s, solar panels and CCTV which makes it easy to re-use them at a different location when your project has finished, ideal for transportable building sites and the mining industry.

Precast provides many advantages to projects with increased efficiency, time and cost savings, reduced onsite labour requirements, reduced weather dependency and ease of installation.

Products are made to the customers’ specification or we can work with the customer to develop and design the product to meet your requirements.
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Steps for Transportable Buildings Footings for Transportable Buildings
600mm diameter 150mm deep
Cable Markers Safety Bollard Counter Weight for Fork Lift
Electrical cable pits Bases for Sattelite Dishes Bases for CCTV Large Service Pit
Pump station cover Antenna Bases Locater Base
Service Pit Footings Barrier Kerbing
Electrical Pit Electrical Pits Pipe Anchor Block 10 Ton Pipe Anchor Block

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