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1200 Diameter concrete cover 1350 Diameter concrete cover 1350 Diameter concrete cover with raised galvanised grate
Circular concrete cover infill Circular grate concrete cover Rectangular flush cover

Concrete encased Access Covers and Grates

Access covers are manholes made to standard sizes or in multipart combinations. These are used for maintenance access to sewerage, drainage, stormwater, electrical and other systems. They are made to a range of load ratings from Class A to the heaviest wheel loading Class G.

Plumbcrete produces a variety of access covers, in square, rectangular or circular shapes, in a range of sizes, with either cast iron or galvanised grate inserts.

Plumbcrete can encase your supplied specified cast iron cover or galvanised grate in concrete to your specification or it can organise a supply of cast iron covers or galvanised grate to provide you with the complete product.

Diameter Thickness
900mm 150mm
1050mm 150mm
1200mm 150mm
1350mm 150mm
1450mm 150mm
1750mm 150mm
2100mm 150mm
Square and rectangular sizes can range from as small as 900mm x 900mm to 2-3 meters wide and length and various thicknesses.
Combination Side Entry
Standard sizes available
The above can also be made to 200mm thick
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